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Gut Feeling Laboratory is an insight marketing company focusing on discovering business opportunities in human's non-verbal "Gut Feeling"
We human beings make enormous decisions everyday, most of which are done by Gut Feeling.

Interestingly though, once you are asked to elaborate your decisions, you may find it hard to articulate it, or may mumble like “sort of…”.

The key business insights, however, are hidden behind such mumblings. You, as an innovative marketer, need to turn the mumblings into convictions by accessing Gut Feeling.

The products, services or communications that work on Gut Feeling will firstly create a tiny seed of "…Isn't it good?" in people's mind, which then grow bigger and bigger, then shared by customers, employees, society or even cross cultures in tune with each other, developing a strong consensus across borders.

Gut Feeling Laboratory Inc. allows clients to directly access and talk to people’s Gut Feeling, leveraging its proprietary insight questionnaire system called "Funquete™" based on profound experiences of insight research and branding.

Opportunities are hidden not in the brain, but on the Gut Feeling.
  • Customized application services leveraging insight questionnaire program Funquête®
  • Brand management and marketing consulting