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Patent Number: 5877455
Fun + Insight Research = Engagement Tool

FunEnquête (questionnaire) : Simply to say, Funquête means "fun questionnaires". Exam-like questionnaires or job-interview-like Focus Group Interviews are not sufficient to reach people's bottom of heart. As you know, when enjoying something, people can be natural. This is the secret source to elicit people's Gut Feeling.

Funquête® is a new concept of marketing questionnaire system that allows participants to set their natural minds free while enjoying and committing. Funquête™ is carefully designed and prepared for participants to intuitively and physically respond to the "Tasks" by their Gut Feeling, so that it would initiate deeper and meaningful communication between users and client when it is integrated into client's business system.

Funquête® is not just a gadgety game. It is carefully customized and optimized to discover meaningful insights to resolve specific business objectives, building on a foundation of world-wide insight research technologies.
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