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Leadership Portfolio
Gage Tanabe
Founder, CEO
Having worked in Hakuhodo Inc., one of the largest advertising firms in Japan, for 20 years as a brand consultant, strategic planning director, project design director and R&D director, Gage has experienced varieties of branding works such as new product development, innovation incubation, corporate vision, product concept development, brand portfolio management or marketing communication strategy for manufacturers and services ranging from auto to cosmetics. In 2009, Gage participated in a marketing neuroscience consultancy called Buyology Inc. in NY as director, committed multinational brand management projects. His Gut Feeling tempted him to realize the fantastic idea of Funquete™, and Gage founded his own company GFL in 2013.

Gage holds BA at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies in year 1989 and MBA at Richard Ivey School of Business in Western Ontario University in year 2002.
Gage is the author of "Why the brain follow the ambiguous "sort of" (Diamond Inc.)" and one of the co-author of "Practice of Sensory Branding" (Diamond Inc.), loves rock music and carpentering. His hand-made study desk is a life-long quality!
Kioto Hirahara
AI (Artificial Intelligence) Lab in Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., was Kioto's starting carrier. After Fujitsu Ltd., Kioto experienced varieties of complicated projects from genome analysis to artificial satellite's visual analysis, from hospital's information system development to a school of fish's 3D simulator development, from voice recognition system in automobiles to a fundamental compiler development. Throughout his 27 years of freelance programmer's life, functioning as a planner, developer, deployer, verifier to total project manager, he acquired unparalleled engineering skills and knowledges.

Kioto graduated from Takuma National College of Technology, specializing in electric engineering. A bicycle freak. He hustles against the black monitor window, biting his home-grown blueberry, which cures his abused eyes.
Hitoshi Kansaku
As Director and vice president of IT system and business development in ASC Inc. (an in-house IT system company for At Home Co.,Ltd.), Hitoshi has conducted varieties of IT projects from the dawn of Japanese real estate IT system. Worked at eVision, a GFL's engineering partner company, as vice president of IT system development , Hitoshi took the role of project manager for a package software product development and a property registration software program development for one of the largest international real estate franchise companies. With his deep knowledge around real estate and IT system throughout his carrier, Hitoshi joined GFL as COO chiefly boost its business around Real estate Tech services.

As a lefty, he loves electric guitars to plug himself in, connecting his mind with 1980's rock music renaissance.